UFC Names Tequila CAZADORES Official Spirit Sponsor

February 25, 2009

Tequila CAZADORES(R), the number-one premium tequila in the world, is proud to announce that it has been named the Official Spirit Sponsor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship(R) (“UFC(R)”) through March 2010. UFC is the world’s leading professional mixed martial arts organization (“MMA”) that offers a premier series of MMA sporting events.

This sponsorship will provide millions of adult UFC enthusiasts with the chance to enjoy a premium brand experience as Tequila CAZADORES takes the Octagon(TM) (eight-sided mat and cage) in upcoming UFC events. Just as UFC competitors, or “Ultimate Fighters(R),” are among the best-trained and conditioned athletes in the world, Tequila CAZADORES is the world’s best-selling premium tequila because of its uncompromising quality, authenticity and heritage. The sponsorship will introduce the authentic experience and taste of Tequila CAZADORES to UFC adult fans around the world.

“We are proud to be the Official Spirit Sponsor of UFC,” said Ariel Meyer, Vice President and Brand Managing Director, Tequila CAZADORES. “UFC organization has helped create mixed martial arts into a responsible, safe sport, with strict rules and regulations for athlete protection and fair play. Today, UFC is an increasingly popular event that reaches legal drinking-age consumers in an engaging environment for adult audiences. For these reasons we are excited about this partnership along with the opportunity to showcase Tequila CAZADORES as the “Spirit of Champions.”

This sponsorship brings two complementary brands together creating a winning combination. As the Official Spirit Sponsor, Tequila CAZADORES will be featured nationally through Pay-Per-View broadcasts, digital and print media content as well as venue signage throughout the year. In addition, Tequila CAZADORES will host special adult consumer tastings, events, and promotions to support the Sponsorship.

Handcrafted in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, the premier agave growing region, Tequila CAZADORES is an authentic 100% agave tequila deeply rooted in heritage. This makes it the best way to salute the authentic spirit of the UFC contenders.

Thanks to MMAFighting.com for the find.

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