Silver Star Owner Seeks Restraining Order Against Affliction's Beard

February 9, 2009 has learned that Sliver Star Casting Company CEO Luke Burrett has sought a restraining order against Affliction Clothing founding partner Todd Beard. An Ex Parte temporary restraining order to stop civil harassment was issued on February 2nd in Laguna Beach, California, with a hearing on the February 25th to decide if the restraining order is to be made permanent. The restraining order marked the continued animus that has followed in the wake of a falling out between the two MMA apparel merchandisers.

Silver Star and Affliction had been working together closely at one time. Affliction very much served the role of mentor to Silver Star as they made moves into the MMA space. Silver Star had sponsored MMA Fighters before, but establishing ties with Affliction allowed them to make contacts within the industry that put them on another level. A clear example of the cooperation between the two companies could be seen at the October 4th EliteXC card. Affliction was set to put on a fight with Andre Arlovski and Roy Nelson. While Arlovski wore Affliction out to the cage, Nelson came out swathed in Silver Star. Sources indicate to that the switch was personally ok’ed by Affliction brass.

For reasons still not known, the two companies had a major falling out and subsequent parting of the ways. The timing of the fallout came sometime shortly after the Todd Beard-Kim Couture dispute, which took place in early to mid November. In a choice of Affliction or the UFC, Silver Star went with the UFC. The parting of the ways seems to be complete and final, as Silver Star was able to later pass the vetting process of sponsors done by UFC legal counsel and sponsor watchdog Mike Mersch. The subsequent restraining order by Burrett would seem to negate a rumor campaign within the industry that sought to link the two companies.

GSP has an exclusive apparel deal with Affliction that would necessitate a release being given to wear any other apparel company, such release was given to Silver Star prior to the falling out. The earlier falling out between the two parties combined with GSP wearing another company’s gear into the Octagon led to a general air of hostility that peaked in and around the UFC 94 card featuring BJ vs GSP. The restraining order was sought by Silver Star owner Burrett shortly after the event took place.

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