PPV Numbers Come Into Focus

February 5, 2009

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter updates the numbers for UFC91 and 92, and portends of a strong number for 93:

Update on PPV numbers. For UFC 91 (Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Couture), the show is at this point verified as doing 920,000 buys. It will probably end up just under or possibly just over one million when all late buys are tabulated. UFC 92 (triple main) is at 1 million. We don’t have a number for UFC 93 based on actual numbers, but trending data indicates about 320,000 buys, a shockingly high number, as it would have beat out the live UFC 90 from Chicago and been nearly 100,000 more buys than any prior U.K. show.

Over 300k buys for the Henderson vs Franklin card would be a hugely surprising number, and let’s you know just how much the ESPN coverage for UFC 91 provided a rising tide that lifted all UFC boats. The great thing about new fans coming under the tent is that they don’t know they aren’t supposed to order those UK cards. The overseas cards usually draw in the 200 to 225k range on a consistent basis. I think the high number centers around the new fans more so than either Henderson or Franklin being draws that can pull disproportionate numbers to similar overseas cards.

Another little tidbit from the Observer on NY MMA legislation:

White said if the bill to legalize MMA in New York state includes a 10% gate tax, then they will not run in New York. Maryland and Hawaii’s regulations for MMA call for a 10% tax and UFC won’t go to either state. White felt taxing them so much higher than the other sports constituted legalizing the sport but at the same time trying to keep them out.

but you knew that already, right?

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