MMAadnet Making Moves in MMA Media Market

February 16, 2009

Friend of Sam Caplan did a piece a while back on the Ad Networks and their impact on the MMA media. Sam did a good job of laying out the various pitfalls associated with the process. One group is moving to fill the void to better serve the MMA media market. MMA World Holdings Inc. has created MMA Advertising Network (MMAAN), which is an advertising network that is integrated into websites that focus on the sport of MMA. MMA Advertising Network currently averages over 3 million impressions per month, with an average monthly growth rate of 32%. MMA Ad Net deliver unique and popular websites that have been ranked in the top 10 of all MMA websites, but also include individual fighter websites.

The concept looks to maximize itself buy have three main constituencies. The three main drivers for MMA Ad Net are Advertisers, Promotions, and Website owners. The main selling point for advertisers is a targeted audience that is leveraged over a network of MMA-related sites. Promoters are able to more closely target those they wish to get out to their events. Website owners are able to generate more traffic for their site as well as provide a a better value when bringing advertisers to their own site.

The folks at MMA Ad Net look to be gaining some traction with the MMA audience, as some of the high profile sites like Fiveouncesofpain and Fightlinker have signed on with the service. Affiliates like 5oz etc get the benefit of 75% of the revenue, non exclusive advertising, the ability to put your ads on the network at no charge, and they get a firm that is focused on selling ads for fighters. MMA Ad Net is becoming an attractive option for webmasters looking to better monetize their sites.

For advertisers, promoters, and website owners who would like more info on MMA Ad Net, check out their website for additional details.

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