Behind The Scenes Marketing Key to Profitability

February 26, 2009

While most fans usually see the overt marketing efforts (TUF seasons, Countdown shows) in trying to get them to purchase a PPV, often there are back-end efforts that help make these PPV shows a huge success for companies like the UFC. Success often builds on success. Long term sustainability is driven by building and maintaining a customer base, and one of the keys in doing this are things like direct mailings. Deliver Magazine has an excellent article on the WWE’s efforts in this respect as a driver PPV sales:

WWE also does slightly more traditional mailings, too, as part of its overall integrated marketing formula. “We use direct mail as a direct-response tactic, dropping one to two weeks before our PPV events,” Richards explains. “We work with our cable and satellite partners, because they have the lead list to target WWE fans, so we know who our fans are.”

In explaining how WWE leverages its cable/satellite partners in direct mail, Richards offers the example of the company’s marketing campaign for its 2008 WrestleMania XXIV extravaganza. To push the event, WWE sent out 8-1/2 by 5-1/2–inch tiered “inline mailers” featuring a feast of information about the festivities and the related promotions/events.

Included in the mailers was a 2008 WWE pay-per-view calendar, info about a co-branded sweepstakes in which fans could register to win a custom WrestleMania chopper and details about WWE’s 24/7 On Demand gift-with-purchase promotion. WWE also provided space in the mailers for cable and satellite clients to hawk their own promotions. The mailers went out to 1.6 million fans in 24 states and three Canadian provinces in March 2008 — 10 days before WrestleMania XXIV. Sustainability

“We had our clients pull lists of all WWE pay-per-view buyers, so whoever purchased PPV in the last couple of years were targeted,” Richards says. “We use our partner’s database so we can profile and look at the crossovers. We can target anyone who purchases WWE pay-per-view, and we can target ‘like’ fans. So we really rely on (the cable/satellite provider’s) database.”

While the WWE is the basis of the article, the UFC is in much the same situation here. They have amassed large databases that they can work with cable and satellite providers in order to “get out the vote” so to speak when it comes to getting fans to purchase their PPV’s. Dana White’s video blogs have on occasion shown the UFC hosting the likes of Direct TV and the like at events, and the passage above notes the symbiotic relationship that the PPV providers and companies like the UFC and WWE. The increase in buyers over the past few events for the UFC are great from a revenue standpoint, of course, but they have also provided a wealth of new information upon which they can leverage for future growth.

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