Wallfighters: Fun for Fans, Finances The Fighters

January 28, 2009


As the popularity of MMA continues to show rapid growth, new and exciting opportunities are opening up for fighters all the time to expand their financial and business empires. One of the newest avenues for this is the wall decal company Wallfighters.

Wallfighters is launched as a division of Wowsportz, which specializes in personalized sports-related merchandise. The main focus up until now has been specialized items for teams on the club and local level but the company was looking to make a larger play. Enter Greg DeLong. Delong had prior experience in the MMA field, as host of his own MMA-related radio show Insidethecagetalk.com, and explained to the higher-ups at Wowsportz what a growth field MMA is the opportunities to be had. Delong did market research into the wall mounted vinyl decals, widely popularized by Fathead. DeLong saw an opportunity there for Wowsportz, as Fathead had expressed no interest in expanding beyond their core stick and ball sports. MMA was selected as Wowsportz’s first mass market play and the merchandise was dubbed Wallfighters, (http://www.wallfighters.com/).

Wallfighters has assembled a stable of fighters quickly with Urijah Faber, Scott Smith, Mark Munoz, Chad Mendes, Joseph Benavidez, James Irvin, Chael Sonnen, Brandon Vera, Diego Sanchez, and Tara LaRosa among those that have signed deals with the fledgling company. The main selling point of the company has been the ability “to make money while you are sitting at home”, which is enticing for those in such a grueling profession as MMA. Another reason fighters have been signing on has been the generous endorsement fee the fighter receives from the sale of each of his Wallfighter decals. DeLong stated, “We want to make money with the fighter, not off the fighter.” The Wallfighter deal along with similar deals like those of figurine maker Round 5 that provide an equitable sharing of profits is enticing to the fighter who is willing to take control of his own merchandising destiny.

Wallfighters has a good size stable of endorsers, but is still in the stage of bringing in athletes to endorse. The main strategy thus far has been to work with agents/managers to bring in the athletes. Clients of NCFC and MMA Fighter Management Inc (Urijah Faber’s Mgmt Team) have made up the bulk of the signees so far but talks with a wide range of camps are taking place as we speak and the roster of Wallfighters looks to be growing often.

Wallfighters will have two main vehicles of distribution initially. They will be sold through the company website, at Wallfighters.com, and also through the fighter’s and/or management company’s website store. Wallfighters’ branding efforts and the popularity of the fighter will both help to drive sales.

You can purchase your own Wallfighter by visiting their website


If you are a fighter/manager and would like more information on Wallfighters, or a member of the media and would like to do a piece on Wallfighters, please contact:

Greg DeLong
Director Of Marketing
WOW Sportz Wall Fighters


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