Luke Burrett of Silver Star Talks With Fight Ticker

January 31, 2009

Clothing company Silver Sar looks to imprint themselves on UFC fans tonight as they will sponsor Karo Parysian and Georges St Pierre on the main card of UFC 94. Brian Furby of had a chance to sit down with Silver Star head honcho Luke Burrett and talk about his plans for Silver Star in the MMA space. To say he is ambitious would be an understatement: About the contracts, what kind of deals do you have with GSP and Rashad?

Luke Burrett: One thing I want to do, what I’m trying to do is pay the fighters more than anybody else has paid the fighters, and give them a piece of the action, so when we sell product, they make money. My number one goal is to have everybody in this industry taken care of. I feel they’ve been taken advantage of for quite a while and I want to take care of the fighters. You’ve already signed a few of the sport’s biggest names, and you’re clearly building your roster – how long do you think it will take for Silver Star to emerge as one of the pre-eminent brands on the MMA scene.

Luke Burrett: One year. We’ll be the biggest brand in MMA in one year. It’s a bold statement and it’s going to be tough, but that’s my plan.

Burrett looks to have bold plans for for his MMA venture. One of the key components to this plan will be his highest profile endorser, GSP. GSP will be wearing a signature Silver Star shirt during his entrance at UFC 94. St Pierre’s signing with Silver Star is a departure from his recent fights where he has entered the Octagon sans endorsements in allegiance with his primary sponsor, Affliction Clothing, which has been banned from UFC events. Sources indicate to that St Pierre will maintain an outside of the Octagon relationship with Affliction, but Silver Star could be a possible future in cage linch pin for the popular French Canadian.

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