Gina Carano Featured In Pepsi Super Bowl Ad

January 31, 2009


The Super Bowl is a Madison Avenue mecca, where the big guns of advertising put their best foot forward. Pepsi feels that Gina Carano is ideal in getting across their message and appealing to the mainstream, as she is featured in their ad buy for tomorrow’s big game. Pepsi issued the following statement, highlighting Carano’s involvement:

A First for MMA and Gina Carano

With the launch of an updated logo for Pepsi comes a new campaign meant to signify the prevailing spirit of optimism and renewal sweeping the country. Fueling the spirit and hopefulness of youth, the “Refresh Anthem” commercial features Grammy-winning artist performing Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” to a visual collage of iconic images celebrating generations past and present. Within the “Forever Young” spot, MMA powerhouse, GINA CARANO, is paired opposite Bruce Lee making her one of the first MMA athletes to be spotlighted in a national commercial campaign. The Pepsi spot is set to air during this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIII.

Check out the full ad below:

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