Ford Thinks Outside The Box With Sponsor

January 29, 2009


“A rose by any other name is just as sweet” is a phrase made famous by Shakespeare, and the same is true with sponsors. At the end of the day sponsor dollars are sponsor dollars. Any and all sponsor opportunities should be looked at and MMA fighter Ryan Ford is an example of this common sense approach to bringing in sponsor dollars. His most recent sponsor deal looks beyond the t-shirt, energy drink, or random .com placement and actually breaks barriers for the sport.

Ford recently signed on with underwear company Ginch Gonch to model and promote their product. He sat down for an interview with The Gay and Lesbian Times to discuss how he got the deal and other topics. I think it is smart to see that he isn’t letting the ignorance and prejudice of others guide him in the business decisions he makes, and I commend him for it. Working with this sponsor he is also helping open up the demographic that looks at MMA. The straight 18-34 male is the wheelhouse demo for those that watch MMA, but anything that can help extend beyond that into other groups is welcome, be that the Hispanic, Black, or in this case, Gay and Lesbian community.

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