Zuffa Bans Booyaa Fightwear

December 1, 2008

Zuffa has added another brand to the seeming growing list of brands that are verboten in the UFC and WEC.   Booyaa Fightwear had looked to sponsor fighter Mike Budnik in his upcoming fight with Shane Roller on the WEC card on December 3rd.  Booyaa submitted all necessary paperwork to clear their sponsorship and then received word that Budnik would not be able to wear Booyaa gear for the fight and that the brand was disallowed henceforth in any UFC or WEC related event.

Zuffa’s tenuous reasoning for the ban stems from Booyaa’s relationship with the King of the Cage fight promotion.  Booyaa’s  relationship with KOTC and sponsorship of a KOTC card over two years ago were cited as reasoning for the ban.  KOTC is currently tied up in the ProElite situation, able to still put on cards but hamstrung by the murky status of ProElite and their various assets.

Booyaa joins Affliction and the MMA Authentics group as brands that are not allowed at UFC fights or events.

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