Notes: ProElite Sale Details, Ortiz the Announcer

December 18, 2008

  • Sam Caplan is reporting at that a deal to acquire the assets of ProElite is nearing completion. Sources in the industry believe that the reason CBS/Showtime backed off its plan to auction the company’s assets, move on with a new MMA partner, and leave the financial backers of ProElite holding the bag was potential litgiation regarding the foreclosure transaction. The transaction may have been tainted by the fact that Showtime’s Ken Hershman was/is a member of the ProElite Board of Directors. As a result, he may have had a fiduciary duty to disclose the pending CBS transaction to ProElite. Rumor has it that rather than risk litigation CBS/Showtime canceled the auction and made it clear to potential suitors that anybody that wanted the TV deal would have to buy out/off ProElite.
  • Yesterday Affliction announced Tito Ortiz as announcer on its Day of Reckoning pay-per-view telecast on 1/24. The move has been mildly panned with many speculating that Ortiz’s addition will detract rather than enhance the broadcast. However, while inexperienced as announcer, he showed potential as a television personality during a recent appearance on Inside MMA on HDNet. Ortiz was clearly well prepared and turned in a solid performance. While a different form/format, the appearance suggested that Ortiz might have a future as commentator.

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