MMA Movies Still Moving to Market

December 4, 2008

The mainstream has seen the first of a slew of MMA-themed movies, with Redbelt and Never Back Down both already hitting the big screen. The pipeline for additional projects looks to be in place as well, as we have written in the past about Gavin O’ Connor’s MMA-themed Warriors.

Another possible group looking for silver screen glory is looking to secure financing for an independent feature film called Tap Out. The budget is estimated at six million U.S. dollars ($6,000,000). Here is a a look at the project and possible actor attachments to the project:

The Synopsis:
The extreme and unforgiving sport of cage-fighting sets the stage for a long-standing bitter rivalry between cousins Bobby and Leo, until they are forced to come together as an MMA team to fight in a tournament that will ultimately save their family’s boxing gym.

Chris Evans and Kurt Russell have been approached for roles in the film. They also have a quite a few professional fighters attached already including former UFC champion turned fight commentator Bas Rutten. Over the past few years MMA has exploded. Pay per views have generated over 30 million per event, with their primary audiences being men 18 – 34 years old.

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