KOTC Responds To Booyaa Ban

December 5, 2008

Earlier this week news came out that the BooYaa Fightwear company had been banned from Zuffa events. The reasoning for the ban emanated from BooYaa’s relationship with the King Of The Cage fight promotion. MMAPayout.com contacted the promotion for comment on the situation as well as reports on the possible purchase of EliteXC’s assets by KOTC. KOTC Exec Peter Lamy issued this statement:

Dana White and ZUFFA have every reason to be concerned with KOTC regardless of EliteXC. No one has as much Knowledge or experience in the sport as Terry Trebilcock and Dana knows that. Things are moving forward and we are very excited of what the future holds for KOTC and the MMA world.

As far as BOOYAA goes you can’t find a better group of guys dedicated to helping fighters and it is the likes of BOOYAA and other clothing companies that allows fighters to stay in the game in the early days while climbing the ranks and also reap the benefits beyond a fight purse. But I guess ZUFFA would not understand that part of the industry.

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