BSN Sponsors Forrest, Nog

December 22, 2008

Finn McKenty of the Lifestyle Marketing Blog noticed during the recent TUF Finale that UFC Supplement sponsor BSN has gone beyond just the organization and has moved into sponsoring individual fighters:

First, they sponsored the perfect fighters, Forrest Griffin and Antonio Rodrido “Minotauro” Nogeuira. Forrest, the newly crowned UFC lightheavyweight champ TUF season one winnger, is incredibly popular with casual fans. He’s begrudgingly earned the approval of hardcore fans like me after beating Shogun and Rampage, and you really couldn’t wish for a better spokeperson for mainstream fans. He sported a BSN hat and t-shirt during an interview on last night’s TUF finale for a good 2 or 3 minutes.

What’s really brilliant, though, is that they also sponsored Nogeuira. Nog is an absolute legend who is universally respected and loved by hardcore fans. He’s mostly known for his fights in Japan, so his profile is the US is much lower than Forrest’s, but assuming he beats both Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar (pretty likely), he should enjoy much higher awareness.

The deal between BSN and Nog and Forrest further cements a trend that expounded on in a feature piece on The UFC brings in sponsors on the corporate level and part of those sponsorship dollars trickles down to the fighter level. As the role of the UFC increases in this area, it is incumbent on the corporate brass to do the proper vetting of said sponsors to ensure that the fighters are taken care of. One of the lower points in the Zuffa-era UFC was the pushing of Xyience at the highest levels that encouraged fighters to do deals with the company, and Xyience subsequently stiffing fighters on their endorsement fees. Thankfully, the UFC is luring a higher class of sponsor that is making thing like the Xyience Affair a thing of the past.

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