Bader, Escudero, Team LG Teaming Up with MTX For Contest

December 21, 2008

The Contest (more official rules to follow): Write a blog and submit it on as to why you are the Ultimate MMA Fan. The best blog will win a grand prize package fit for The Ultimate Fan. The use of images, personal stories, LG fighters or our sponsors will benefit the selection of the winning blog but are not required. There will be multiple winners but only one grand prizewinner will be chosen. For more information, go to the contest homepage.

Grand Prize is round trip air fare from anywhere in the Continental US to Phoenix, AZ, three night stay at a hotel in Tempe, train or just hang with some of the stars of The Ultimate Fighter, WEC and UFC (lunch, dinner and a training sessions at Arizona Combat Sports). The winner will get to hang with TUF 8 winners Efrain Escudero and Ryan Bader, WEC Champs Carlos Condit, Jamie Varner, TUF Stars CB Dollaway, Jesse Forbes and other up and coming UFC and WEC fighters

(2) Official and worn on the show, Team Jerseys from TUF 8 (Team Nog donated by Ryan Bader) and TUF 7 (Team Rampage Donated by CB Dollaway) signed by the cast

One (1) set of playing cards that were hand drawn and played with on this seasons TUF 8, they also include all the signatures of the fighters in the house donated by Efrain Escudero.

One (1) – MTX Audio complete car sound system –
If you want bass that can rattle grampa’s dentures loose in the car next to you at a stop light, look no further! MTX Audio’s Thunder TC subwoofer systems are a radical design that takes bass output to a whole new level and when powered by an MTX X500D amplifier, you know you have a package built with KO power. Now combine this package with some crystal clear TDX speakers from MTX and you are on your way to the afterparty! for more information.

One (1) $200 in free plays at Diamond Sports Book
One (1) Ed Hardy Watches, the watch of MMA stars, Gladiator CEL watch
One (1) LG Fighter Hat (as worn at the TUF 8 Finale
One (1) MTX Audio Beanie

Second Place Winners will receive

One (1) MTX Terminator systems
One (1) signed MTX MMA T-SHIRT
One (1) MTX Audio Hat
One (1) Team MTX MMA Poster signed by the MTX MMA Team

Third Place Winners will receive

One (1) iThunder ipod boom box
One (1) MTX t-shirt
One (1) MTX MMA Team poster

Wild Card Round:

If you spread the contest to other sites and get people to post for each post that goes live and credits you for helping them find the site you get entered for a chance to win the Wild Card Prize: Soundolear or MTX Audio System for the Car, iThunder and an iPod Nano to play on your iThunder. Your name has to be mentioned in the person’s blog to qualify for the wild card round. There needs to be at least three people entered to activate the wild card round.

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