November 20, 2008

That is the word that really describes the moves of UFC President Dana White in his cutting of Jon Fitch and Christian Wellisch. In the end, it all boils down to the merch agreement. It isn’t like we didn’t see the UFC forcing the merchandise agreements onto it’s fighter’s, but to be honest we thought they would take a much more subtle approach. Oh sure, we knew they would look at some unethical ways to get the deals done. When we saw the Cage Fighter deal go down the fingerprints of the merch deal looked to be all over it.

But not in our wildest dreams did we have the notion that the UFC would basically go to war with it’s own fighters in order to get the merchandise agreement signed. For all intents and purposes Dana has taken AKA out into the middle of town square and shot them in the head, making an example for the rest of the village. Sign the merchandise agreeements or this could be you. Remember that looming war I mentioned on Monday that agents and mangers seemed reluctant to want to fight? Well the war has already been declared for you, with Dana White firing the first shot. The only question now is are you Charles De Gaulle or the Vichy Regime? It should be interesting to see how the agents and managers respond.

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