Anderson Silva vs Cote Tanks On PPV

November 19, 2008

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has the numbers for UFC 90 and the news isn’t good:

The trending patterns as a prediction of the buy rate continued to be right on as the 10/25 show in Chicago headlined by Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote did 300,000 buys.

The numbers for the Anderson headlined PPV were worse than normal. Silva usually draws in the 330 to 350k range for ppv buys. That number had looked to increase with Anderson’s fight vs James Irvin being on free television and doing a strong rating. In addition, the UFC and Spike had heavily promoted the Brazilian as the best pound for pound fighter in the world as a hook to intrigue fans into buying the PPV. Pre-fight indicators seemed to back up this supposed increase ability to draw, as the Countdown to UFC 90 did a record number of viewers. This may have had more to do with the show having the higher rated TNA wrestling show as a strong lead in, as opposed to that be a true sign of increased interest in Anderson on PPV.

This low of a number doesn’t bode well for the predictions of 1.2 million buys for UFC 91. With an unprecedented level of promotion for this Anderson fight generating a drop in numbers, the economic factors seem to be having a negative effect on the UFC PPV buys. The “ten friends, beer, pizza” analogy used as a talking point by UFC brass may sound good but may not be reality in describing the PPV purchasing habits of their customers, judging from these numbers.

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