UFC Standardizing Advertising Banners (Updated)

October 25, 2008

A recent edict by the UFC has sought to standardize the appearance of banners that fighters use as a backdrop during pre-fight introductions. The reasoning behind the shift, put forward in an e-mail that MMAPayout.com has obtained, is solid. To Wit:

By standardizing the format and size of the banners, our goal is to create a more professional appearance and improve their overall effectiveness on behalf of your sponsors. It will simply look better and that’s good for everyone involved in the event.

As has been the practice in the past, however, you may only display one (1) banner during the introductions only. After the introductions have concluded, the banner may not be displayed inside or outside of the Octagon® at any time.

Standardizing the these banners is a good idea. A uniform presentation will allow for a more professional and visually pleasing experience. Sloppy work in this area reflects poorly not only on the fighter and said companies, but the UFC as well. Some might see this as a bit authoritarian, but this would be a bit misguided, as the logic put forth in the edict is hard to argue with. A cleaner, crisper presentation benefits all brands involved.

Update: One thing of note is the mandatory inclusion of UFC and Venue logos on all banners. With the ubiquity of naming rights for venues, the UFC is able to offer this as a value added item when negotiating with venues. It does, however, come at the expense of the fighter. Article 22.2 of the Zuffa Standard contract allows the UFC to force inclusion of their logo or their sponsor’s logos on the fighter without his consent and without compensation.

For the record, some of the changes being instituted:

– Total size of banner is 6′ (6 feet) wide by 4′ (4 feet) tall.
– All artwork (including venue logos) must be placed 6″ below the top of the banner, center aligned.
– The venue logo shall be at least 44″ wide by 4.5″ tall. The font used is Arial Black. The background for the venue logo shall be black and the letters in white.
– UFC logos are to be placed 3″ from the left and right edges of the banner, aligned with the bottom of the venue logo. The UFC logos should be separated by 2″ gap on each side of the venue logo. The UFC logos shall be at least 5” by 1.5” and also be in white.
– Camps have a 66″x32″ workspace located 2.5″ below the venue and UFC logos, 3″ from the left and right sides, and 3″ from the bottom of the banner to display their approved sponsors in.

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