Ratner Responds on SC MMA Regulation

October 28, 2008

Marc Ratner, Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs for the UFC, has been a tireless champion of the regulation of MMA since taking his post in 2006. So it should come as no surprise that he has been a very interested observer of recent events in South Carolina. After reading our reports on the situation, Ratner contacted MMAPayout.com with an update on the UFC’s efforts there:

We’re working with the SC Legislature and the Athletic Commission and have been there a couple of times. South Carolina is an important state and we look forward to having them approve MMA. The UFC will not go to a State that has not approved the sport of MMA. Our concern is that when there are unregulated fights like they had at Parris Island that something could go wrong either medically or in this case with the fight in question and bring the sport more controversy. This fight has caused some problems for the sport, but what it shows is the very real need for the MMA to be regulated.

Ratner also shared a few details regarding future targets for the UFC regulation push. “We are also working on Indiana, Wisconsin and West Virginia,” Ratner said. “So we’re busy!”

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