EliteXC And Demos

October 13, 2008

Setting aside the PR nightmare that is EliteXc at this point, Dave Meltzer raised some interesting statistics in his recent items at Yahoo and in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Meltzer’s stuff on Yahoo is always intelligent and a good read, the one saving grace for Yahoo’s coverage of MMA.

Meltzer noted several trends coming out of the EliteXC show:

-EliteXC actually did some of its best numbers with men 50-54

-Continued Strength in southern Markets: Birmingham , Knoxville , Greenville/Spartanburg , Charlotte, Memphis , Louisville , and Nashville.

-Carano pulling in strong numbers for females

All three of these elements represent a growing of the pie beyond what is the traditional MMA audience. While EliteXC surely hopes to attract some of the same demographics (young males) as the UFC, their network exposure has helped to bring in other groups who are outside of the MMA norm. Affliction seemed to be trying to hit some of these same demos with their NASCAR sponsorship, which has widespread appeal but that also skews a bit older and has a strong southern presence. Whether it be with EliteXC or not, CBS’ continued coverage of MMA is key if there is to be continued growth and exposure of the sport to these non-traditional groups.

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