Fight Biz Quote: Dana White

October 14, 2008

White proceeded to say Petruzelli’s comments, which were later amended to say he was only referring to a knockout bonus he earned, deserve a criminal investigation, and a formal inquiry in all states where Elite XC has staged fights. White said if Florida requires a formal complaint to amplify its current probe, he will “look into” making one himself.

“If this happened in Nevada, or if it happened with me, the FBI would be investigating it. If this thing does not get investigated properly, it’s the biggest slap in the face to sports.”

Dana White, speaking to the LA Times. All of a sudden the EliteXC card in Reno gets a bit interesting. With White willing to enter the process based on his comments above and EliteXC doing their next card from Nevada, NSAC head Keith Kizer may be getting a call and making a few of his own.

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