Another MMA Movie In Development

October 20, 2008

While the mainstream public was unimpressed with the recent MMA-based movies Never Back Down and Redbelt, based on box office receipts, there will be another such offering in 2009. Filmmaker Gavin O’ Connor is currently in pre-production in Pittsburgh, PA, preparing to move forward with a project entitled Warriors. O’ Connor’s most recent work was Pride and Glory, starring Edward Norton and Colin Farrell, which hits theaters this week.

MMA Fans may be familiar with the name Gavin O’ Connor, as he was the Executive Producer of the widely acclaimed film The Smashing Machine, which focused on the rise and fall of MMA star Mark Kerr. Smashing Machine is widely regarded as the finest film that focuses on the MMA world to date.

O’ Connor’s producing partner, his brother Greg, spoke about about the company’s decision not to work with the UFC on bringing the film to the big screen:

“It’s interesting, we’re not working with the UFC, we made a specific decision not to work with the UFC, only because our understanding is that they actually want more influence over what the content of the material is than we want to give them……..It does play very authentically in terms of the world and the fighters in the world, like Randy Couture and other people that are sort of embedded in the movie.”

The plot for the movie sounds oddly reminiscent of the relationship amongst the Shamrock family. Greg O’ Connor described the film, saying “It’s about two brothers who are fighters, who are estranged, and who have to, through the course of the story, find each other again and reconnect to a relationship with their father, who they’ve sort of also become estranged with.”

The movie looks to come to theaters some time in 2009.

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