Affliction, the Media and MMA

October 23, 2008

Last week, as a rather sizable media contingent waited for a tardy Donald Trump to begin the joint Affliction/ M1/ Trump media press conference, something happened that surprised the media in the room – and showed a distinct lack of media savvy.

A tall blonde woman, working for one of the three organizations represented, announced that those organizations with mic flags had to remove them, and replace them with Affliction mic flags.

What’s a mic flag? It’s that square little box that sits just below the top of the microphone, trumpeting the presence of a particular news outlet at the scene of a story.

So being the polite guests that they were, the guys from’s Fight Game, and a foreign news agency promptly complied.

While the mic flag is a staple of brand reinforcement for agencies in the broadcast world, in the MMA world, they are even more important. To have mic flags from mainstream media outlets sitting just below the mouth of an MMA executive helps bring their brand or organization into the mainstream, as well.

But instead, there were three “Affliction” mic flags just beneath Tom Attencio and Donald Trump, making it look like a shill press conference – when it was not the case.

Is it a big deal? Not really. But like a fighter who need to work on his stand-up, it’s just one of those little indicators that MMA organizations need to improve their media game.

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