Affliction, The Media and MMA (…continued)

October 27, 2008

Last week we told you about the gaff by the Affliction/ M1/ Trump media team, when a representative of the organizations asked that, and foreign media outlets remove their mic flags and replace them with Affliction branded mic flags.

The article received a few responses, but the one that stuck out was from No Hold Barred’s own Eddie Goldman, a combat sports journalist who has helped pioneer coverage of MMA from day one.

Email documentation provided by Goldman shows that after he RSVP’d to the intial press invitation, Jeremy Silkowitz of Swanson Communcations, representing the trio of companies responded: Unfortuntely, we will not be able to add you to the RSVP list for tomorrows event. I have received word from Trump Towers security that they were at capacity for this event prior to your name being added to the security list.”

Silkowitz also informed Goldman that a future Affliction press conference will be held in New York to announce an Affliction Entertainment fight and that there would be no space limitation.

Goldman’s response spared no expense: “Keeping me out of this event will only hurt your show by limiting coverage on the most prestigious show there is, No Holds Barred.”

Goldman also was in contact with Kelly Swanson of Swanson Communications, who insisted that it truly was a space issue that kept Goldman out of the event, held at Trump Tower.

MMAPayout has contacted both Silkowitz and Pamela Rogers, who is Affliction Entertainment’s PR representative and will bring you any relevant updates.


We will be back in New York to officially announce the next Affliction Entertainment fight, and for that event there will not be limited space. We look forward to your attendance.

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