UFC Fighters in Get Out The Vote PSA

September 30, 2008

The Las Vegas Review Journal had a small snippet on UFC brass and fighters doing a public service announcement imploring folks to get out and vote in the November Elections. Nice PR for the UFC, (and it never hurts to do a politician a favor, either!).


If you don’t vote, Ross Miller might beat you up.

Not really, of course. But the baby-faced Nevada secretary of state has recorded a public service announcement with the Ultimate Fighting Championship that is scheduled to start airing this week on local cable stations.

Heavy guitars crank in the background as Miller says, “The 2008 election is fast-approaching, and the electoral process relies on your participation.” Amid quick-cut shots of fighters kicking, punching and generally looking fierce, Miller adds, “That’s why I’m teaming up with the UFC and urging you to exercise your ultimate right: the right to vote.”

Fighters Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, Dan Henderson, Mike Swick, Keith Jardine and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson appear onscreen, each urging viewers, “Vote.” Political Notebook has heard of none of them but is informed that these are all very impressive names.

Dana White, UFC president, adds: “Because if you don’t vote, you’re not even in the fight.” The address for the secretary of state’s intermittently functioning new election Web site, silverstate08.com, then comes onscreen.

The UFC is based in Las Vegas and co-owned by the Fertitta family. Miller’s staff said the collaboration came about because of his friendship with the family and the fact that he sometimes works out at the UFC gym. Apparently he’s even been known to spar with the fighters.

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