UFC Fanbase Aging

September 12, 2008

Today’s column at Media Life gave some insight to youth of the UFC”s fanbase in compasiaon to the tradition stick and ball sports

Which sports have the oldest and youngest fan bases?

MLB fans are actually older than the average adult (48.1 years old vs. 46.7 years old). The sports with the oldest fan bases are: horseracing (51.7), PGA/LPGA (51.2), Olympics (48.3).

The average NBA fan is actually younger than the average adult at 45.9 years old compared with 46.7 years old. The sport with the youngest fan base is WWE/Ultimate Fighting Championship; the average fan is 40.0 years old. Soccer fans are the second youngest on average at 42.2 years old.

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer gives more insight to the UFC’s numbers:

There was a big study of sports fans by Experian Consumer Research to give advertisers guidelines on what sports attract what type of eyeballs. What is interesting is that in the study, WWE/UFC was considered the same sport, and the start was called WWE/UFC and not pro wrestling/MMA. Media Life had a story about it today, but the only mention of the sport is that WWE/UFC draws the youngest average fan base at 40 years old, which is ridiculous because last I checked WWE was skewing at about 36 as the age of the mean viewer and UFC was about 31, although UFC has gotten older with an increase in those over 35 watching over the past year.

Whichever numbers you use, Experian or Meltzer, there seems to be a gulf between the stick and ball sports (which tend to group loser together) and the UFC.

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