UFC 91 Ticket Sales Update

September 23, 2008

Dave Meltzer of Yahoo reports that low end tickets are gone for the big UFC 91 showdown:

All $75 and $150 tickets went quickly on the Internet presale late last week.

All $300 tickets were gone by Sunday, so the only seats left are for $500, $750 and $1,000, with plenty available at the two highest prices. But never fear, you can still get the former $75 tickets for as “low” as $241 from scalpers.

All told, heading into the week, 7,500 tickets were sold for roughly $2.5 million.

Having three shows in Vegas over the span of two and a half months, each demanding premium pricing, may lead to a point of diminishing returns when it comes to the performance of the UFC at the gate. Brock vs Randy should yield a record gate, but possibly at the expense of a lower than the norm figure for the New Year’s card, and subsequently the Superbowl card.

The lesser than normal gates for such high profile cards can be mitigated to some degree by the seeming inability to do higher numbers elsewhere, but that wouldn’t necessarily be true of the BJ vs GSP showdown. BJ vs GSP could easily do a $5 million gate if held Canada.

The last of the three cards, BJ vs GSP, would seem to be the most at risk, but it does have it’s own built-in advantages that may help it overcome a poor showing at the ticket window. Both BJ and GSP are known for having large contingents of fans come into Vegas from their respective homelands to support their favorite sons. Smart money would have promotional efforts being rolled out as we speak, four and a half months ahead of time, in Canada and Hawaii to maximize the turnouts from these two areas.

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