Pacquaio Takes on Promoter Role

September 25, 2008

SignOnSanDiego has details on boxing champ and Filipino legend Manny Pacquaio entering the promotional end of the boxing business.

Tomorrow’s program represents the first promotional venture by Manny Pacquiao Promotions in this country. Sycuan Ringside Promotions is co-promoting it in its outdoor venue on a hill above the casino. Six bouts are scheduled, including a scheduled 10-round main event

The Pacquaio deal with Sycuan is part of a larger deal that also adds MMA into the mix. Sycuan are taking a multi headed approach when it comes to combat sports, having both MMA cards and boxing cards in their product mix (though not on the same card like a proposed Affliction/Golden boy type scenario). :

Gibbons said Sycuan views this card as a test run for a series of boxing and mixed martial arts programs the casino is planning. “To see if people will come out,” Gibbons said. “Our whole objective is to do programs on a regular basis.”

According to Gibbons, the series is to be made up of six boxing and six MMA cards, with the first MMA card scheduled for Oct. 2. Total Combat, a San Diego firm, is joining Sycuan in the MMA field, Gibbons said.

While this isn’t the extreme of the Affliction Golden Boy pairing, it does signal a dovetailing of interests between the two sports in the minds of venue operators like the Sycuan folks. MMA purists seem content to consign boxing to the scrap heap, but the sport isn’t going anywhere and will continue to occupy space with MMA in the combat sport landscape. Still in question is nature of the relationship between the two and if the general public will support an evolutionary leap like that being put forth by the Affliction-Golden Boy promotions. An intermediary measure like the efforts by Sycuan (separate cards but under one promotional umbrella via Sycuan) may be more palatable and a step towards that end.

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