Dream 6 Disappoints in Ratings

September 24, 2008

Zach Arnold of FightOpinion delivers the news on Dream 6 ratings and it isn’t good:

Update: Sports Navigator is reporting that DREAM 6 drew a 9.0% rating on TBS, with the high QH (quarter-hour) mark showing Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Masanori Tonooka drawing a 13.4% rating. Bad numbers, as expected.

The ratings for Dream’s debut started off on a disappointing level and only seem to have stagnated from there. The debut pulled in an 8.9 rating which was deemed below average, which means that that the ratings have essentially remained level over time. This would not bode well for Dream, which will need a big rating for their New Year’s show to salvage some goodwill with Tokyo Broadcasting System execs.

Arnold sees the Dream concept as one in deep trouble and possibly a casualty to consolidation in the Japanese MMA industry. This could also have an affect Stateside as it could impact the ability of TV partners like HDNet to air Japanese MMA in the States.

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