Whither The IFL?

August 6, 2008

When the deal is finally closed on who claims the remains of the IFL, it looks like the only thing of note remaining may be a few desks and a decent size video library. The past week has seen a mass exodus of talent from the IFL. Roy Nelson to Affliction, Horodecki to free agency, Mayushenko to Affliction, Ryan Schultz to Japan, the Miller Bros to the UFC. With the exception of Wagney Fabiano, nearly all of the IFL’s belt holders have been dispersed across a wide range of organizations. If the rumored sale to the UFC is still in the works, one has to wonder why a number of younger talents like Horodecki and Schultz have been released from their IFL contracts when the UFC would be able to find a home for them in the WEC or UFC 155 division.

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