TapouT A Back To School Fashion Trend

August 29, 2008

In a further sign of the mixed martial arts lifestyle moving towards the mainstream (either that or a sign of the apocalypse), TapouT seems to be one of the fashions of choice for those making their back to school fashion purchases:

Action-packed mixed marital arts are also spilling onto the fashion scene with the rising popularity of the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC).

One of the most popular brands associated with the sport is called TapouT, which refers to a specific term in the sport when a person is relinquishing defeat — it indicates that you are out of the fight. So by wearing a TapouT T-shirt ($34.99), it’s encouraging the other to tap out or give up.

“The TapouT product is exploding,” says Chino. “We can’t keep it in.”

In addition to TapouT, Kundo shoes by Adidas ($90) are a lightweight mixed martial arts shoe that have transitioned into being a low-profile streetwear shoe — ideal for on-the-go students who don’t want to be weighed-down with bulky footwear.

I don’t know about the Kundo being a mixed martial arts shoe, sounds more like the expert in the piece is trying to associate the shoe with MMA to boost it’s profile, to reflect in MMA’s glory if you will. That may be a trend in the future, with nebulous connections to the MMA world being made to boost marketability.

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