NYTimes on "Ultimate Branding"

August 30, 2008

Rob Walker of The New York Times does a good piece this morning on the the increasing proliferation of MMA related brands. Nothing too ground breaking if you read MMAPayout.com on a regular basis, but the article does a good job synthesizing a bunch of the differing elements into a pretty good read:

The activity often referred to as “ultimate fighting” — but known to fans by its proper designation, “mixed martial arts” — can be characterized in a number of ways: sport, entertainment, spectacle. John McCain once called it “human cockfighting” and the State of New York still calls it a crime. Whatever it is, mixed martial arts appears to be enjoying a fresh surge in popularity, as measured by the audiences for pay-per-view matches, cable reality shows and, perhaps the best gauge of a phenomenon’s penetration into mainstream American life, related brands.

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