MMA Apparel Has Local Impact

August 31, 2008

One thing often overlooked in the business side of MMA apparel is the impact that the companies have on their local economies. The Press-Enterprise details the boon that TapouT has been to the local tax base in the Inland-area of California:

“2007 generally was not a good year in the Inland Empire for retail sales,” said Husing.

Berry said TapouT has been one of the higher sources of sales tax revenue for Grand Terrace.

The company sells its own brand of mixed martial arts shirts, caps, workout gear and accessories.

Berry said that last year it projected earnings at $12 million and is looking at $100 million this year.

But the city can only receive sales tax revenue from business done at its facility in Grand Terrace, not the company’s Internet sales.

In addition to the sales tax, you can also factor in the local jobs provided and the taxes derived from those workers as additional economic boosts to a local economy. We often look at the macro level of the MMA business, but it is good to remember the impact MMA can have at the micro level as well.

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