Gameness Looking For West Coast Foothold

August 31, 2008

I’m a frequent reader of the Gary Ibarra’s blog about his business adventures with Graffight Apparel (check out the link as their website is now up.) Garry most recent blog mentioned another company mentioned previously on, Gameness. Gameness is a Nashville-based apparel company that has it’s roots in the jiu jitsu market, but they are looking to make moves into MMA, with an eye towards the west coast…….an exceprt from Garry’s blog:

Shane and I were talking about some of the ideas he has to extend Gameness reach to the west coast and to promote his new line of lifestyle apparel, he says he’s looking for a small company with a few of their own apparel items to possibly partner with or to acquire outright to accomplish this goal. The reason I’m mentioning this is because I know a lot of start ups read my blog so I wanted to offer this opportunity to anyone who thinks they may fit the bill. If your a start up company or even an established one with a niche carved out already, let me know if your interested. Gameness has over 450 distributors in the mid-west, south, and east coast so the opportunities for growing your business and creating a partnership with an already established retailer in the business is one that shouldn’t be passed up.

For anyone interested in such a deal or partnership, you can check out and contact Gameness via their website.

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