Big John's Gym A Breeding Ground For The Future

August 31, 2008

The Signal has an article on Big John McCarthy’s training facility in the SoCal area. The SoCal area as presented in the article is a blueprint for success for the future

Eight men at Big John McCarthy’s Ultimate Training Academy in the Valencia Industrial Center are members of the gym’s mixed martial arts team.

According to the gym’s owner and operator, mixed martial arts personality and former referee John McCarthy, mixed martial arts teams number roughly 15 to 20 in Southern California.

Different gyms or schools put on amateur tournaments where the fighters are pitted against one another based on size and experience.

Having a wealth of gyms competing on the amateur level will be key to building up the talent level for the future. A healthy amateur scene will provide for a better finished product once these guys go up to the pro level and also allows for a greater volume of athletes to compete in MMA, casting a wider net if you will. The wider the net cast the better chance of finding diamonds in the rough who can be taken to the next level.

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