Somewhere, Wallid Ismail is Smiling

July 30, 2008

If you remember some of our earlier posts on the dubious beginnings of the ProElite group , the bloodletting that hit the news yesterday may be giving you a feeling of chickens coming home to roost in some respects as it relates to Shaw, DeLuca and Dave Marshall.

Doug DeLuca, who was an executive producer of the ABC talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, was looking to get into the fight game. He was introduced by a mutual friend to Wallid Ismail, who had visions of expanding his JungelFight promotion into the United States. Dave Marshall founded UBET the online horse-race betting site and headed up a group of investors that met with Doug DeLuca and Wallid Ismail. Marshall and DeLuca would merge their two investment groups and then proceeded to cut Ismail out of the picture, instead bringing in noted boxing promoter Gary Shaw. The case is still in litigation.

Also out is Kurt Brendlinger, who joined ProElite in October 2006. Brendlinger has a past work history in deal sourcing, capital raising, venture capital and private equity investments and asset management. He wa key in the initial capital raises for the company.

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