More Ratings Info on EliteXC

July 29, 2008

Dave Meltzer is reporting a 1.7 for EliteXC 7/26 show on the final national number. That is odd, as the numbers usually bump up a bit when markets outside of the majors report in.

This would indicate the number probably cratered outside the metropolitan areas. Jordan Breen of Sherdog is one observer who spoke on this subject:

While some major market dwellers in New York and Los Angeles said they had been hit with commercials, billboards and the like, those outside of the US’s major metropolises had seen virtually nothing, although a few fans told me that they had seen a curious amount of commercials during the Price is Right. Unfortunately for CBS and EliteXC, people outside NYC and LA have television sets (a lot of them, in fact), and the sorts who dote on Bob Barker and Drew Carey are not a demographic priority.

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