Graffight to Sponsor Credeur

July 16, 2008

It seems like the rubber is starting to meet the road over at Graffight. They are starting one of the key marketing efforts for any MMA apparel company: sponsoring fighters. Gary Ibarra gives us the lowdown:

Last week I was on the road when I received a call from a person who’s turning out to be a trusted friend in the business, Jake Hattan from Denaro Sports Marketing who called me with a really good opportunity. He told me that the shirt sponsor for Tim Credeur had canceled on him last minute and if I was interested in creating some pre-launch buzz this would be a good way to do it. He gave us a really good deal so we decided it was worth the money. Tim was a semi-finalist on this past season of T.U.F. Look for our signature Graffight Logo shirt on Tim as well as his corner men on July 19th when he takes on Cale Yarborough on Spike TV.

Best of luck to Credeur and Graffight on the upcoming Fight Night card.

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