Fight Biz Quote: Kahl Talks EliteXC

July 29, 2008

“We didn’t have our ‘A-plus’ draws on the card, so we weren’t surprised, but we got incredible exposure for our others stars like Robbie Lawler (Pictures) and Scott Smith (Pictures), Nick Diaz (Pictures) and Jake Shields (Pictures), not to mention ‘Bigfoot’ Silva and Cristiane ‘Cyborg,’” said Kahl.

“We weren’t able to throw quite the same promotion at it. Because of the short turnaround, we weren’t able to put quite as an aggressive plan together,” he said. “Summer viewing numbers tend to be down a little. We still got a few million people to an MMA event and we kept EliteXC and ‘Saturday Night Fights’ in the public eye which was really the whole goal of coming back so quickly.”

“We’ve already heard from a lot of the video game advertisers who will be pushing holiday titles that they want back in [on Oct. 4],” said Kahl. “The feedback we’re getting back from all of our advertisers is terrific.”

“People seem to really recognize that we did a much better show than the first one,” he said. “The pace was better. Production values were better and we had better fights. We have a much improved product.”

“When we come back in October, we’ll have the benefit of college football, pro football, and greater circulation throughout the week, so we’re expecting a much greater performance in October,” he said.

Kelly Kahl, Senior Executive Vice President for CBS Primetime, speaking with Sherdog about the EliteXC 7/26 card

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