Fight Biz Quote: Dana White

July 10, 2008

“I don’t like him,” White said of Atencio. “If I liked him, I’d probably lay off him. The guy has an attitude problem, and I’m going to fix it for him.”

–UFC Head Dana White on Affliction chief Tom Atencio, speaking to Yahoo.

Dana Had another quote worthy bit

“Every month it’s the new thing,” White said. “ ‘Ooooh, the IFL is going to take over the UFC,’ and all this (expletive). They had $800 million, and they had a network television deal. Their stock is at two cents, and they are gone …”

Hopefully that is just hyperbole taking over, because if Dana thinks the IFL ever had $800 million play with, I fear for the financial future of the UFC. There’s a difference between an inflated stock valuation (right after the 60 Minutes piece) and the actual money they had on hand from various stock issuances and capital raises.

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