EliteXC: Building To Make Them Buy

July 28, 2008

Fresh off of EliteXC’s Saturday night card, talk has turned to the October card and possible match-ups between Carano vs Cyborg, Diaz vs Noons, and possibly Kimbo vs Rogers. While these are certainly exciting match-ups, putting them forth as possible match-ups for the October card is a bit misguided. Doing these fights on free TV would go against the strategy laid out by DeLuca as it relates to EliteXC’s television and PPV strategy:

Doug DeLuca: Absolutely, the Pay‑Per‑View model is the goal for most people in this sport. So, yes, it’s our goal, too. The exact plan is broadcast television drives the Pay‑Per‑View. It builds stars. SHOWTIME to CBS. CBS to Pay‑Per‑View. Build stars, build the interest in the stars, let people know even more that these fighters – the guys and gals — are people and they have real stories and make people care about them and drive the Pay‑Per‑View. So that’s absolutely the goal. As far as timing goes, you’ll probably see a Pay‑Per‑View from us early in ’09.

If the network deal with CBS is all about building stars, then they will not be putting them into a position to fail before the company can cash in on their investment. Carano vs Cyborg, Diaz vs Noons, and Kimbo vs Rogers are match-ups they need to build into moneymakers, not provide as fodder for free TV. The October card will more than likely be used to build towards the supposed 09 PPV. With the need to get the ratings back up, the question will be can EliteXC get a rating while simultaneously putting on match-ups that build to a PPV? Will they have to fast forward a match-up that could possibly draw PPV interest in order to salvage the CBS deal?

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