Otto out of IFL Board

June 4, 2008

According to their most recent SEC filings, Kurt Otto, one of the founding fathers of the International Fight League, has voluntarily resigned from the Board of Directors of the IFL. Otto heads out the door roughly 7 months after his fellow founder Gareb Shamus left the company in November of 2007.

The IFL would seem to be going through a time of consolidation of power, with the brain trust behind the league’s disastrous first two seasons being either summarily dismissed or resigning of their own accord. VP of Operations Keith Evans and Director of Events Lisa Faircloth, two executives who had been with the company since it’s inception, were also recently dismissed by the company.

As the old guard has been cleared out, the balance of power within the fight company has solidly swung to IFL CEO Jay Larkin. While Larkin is certainly up to the task of running a fledgling fight promotion, one gets the feeling that the die has been cast as it relates to the IFL’s fate and any moves Larkin is making at this point is akin to re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

The gameplan of playing oversized venues in undersized MMA markets with a team format that never caught on and a roster of unknown fighters has buried the company under a mountain debt that will be hard to recover from.

Update: While Otto has resigned from the Board of Directors and his role as Commissioner of the IFL, Otto will still play a role in matchmaking along with Bas Rutten and Shannon Knapp.

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