MMA on CBS as Sponsorship Rainmaker

June 30, 2008

Much has been made of the boost that MMA will receive from network exposure but the more immediate boost can seen in the fighter’s bottom line. MMA being on network television has lead to a vast increase in sponsorship opportunities for some of the fighters appearing on the 7/26 card. has spoken with one of the fighters that will appear on the 7/26 card and this particular fighter looks to make 10 to 20 times their normal level of sponsorship money. If all the sponsorship goals are met, the sponsorship money should also slightly exceed the show money for the fighter.

Sponsorship money is key for the EliteXC fighters. Without PPV, the big money for fighters just isn’t there yet. EliteXC receives a license fee from CBS to cover production costs, which covers some things like salaries, but with MMA basically being reality programming for the network it isn’t an exorbitant amount. Certain folks may have problems with EliteXC , but more network shows are a good thing because they mean more and better money for the fighters.

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