Strikeforce End Game for Television

May 23, 2008

With Strikeforce showing strong ratings gains, the company is now in a much better position to negotiate with NBC. With the show nearly tripling it’s audience since the premiere and showing strong numbers in the 18-35 demographic, Scott Coker can make a strong case to NBC execs to give them a chance in an earlier time slot. The current slot is essentially a foot in the door with NBC, a means to an end, rather than an end unto itself.

Strikeforce could angle for an occasional fill-in for SNL during it’s summer hiatus or a possible week-end afternoon slot. The improved slot could still be a time buy situation, as that seems to be the trend for some of the lesser sports when it comes network coverage. Some examples of this are the PBR (professional bullriders tour) using a time buy on Fox to boost their profile and leading to a paying deal with Versus, LiveNation’s Motocross tour, and some of the various IMG programming seen on the weekends.

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