Spike.com to Feature MMA Girls

May 28, 2008

According to a MediaWeek report, the revamped Spike.com will feature a new online series devoted to MMA:

Spike TV announced plans to launch several original Web series this year as part of an extensive redesign of Spike.com launched today (May 28), marking the completion of the year-plus melding of the site’s previous incarnation and iFilm, the video hub MTV Networks acquired back in 2005.

Among the originals in the works are an advertiser-friendly collaboration between Spike.com and Playboy.com that will result in a yet-to-be-named series which will run on both sites. In addition, the site plans to unveil the young-males-behaving badly series The Crew (described as making “Jackass look like pre-school” by Jon Slusser, senior vp, Spike digital and video games) and The MMA Girls, which features a pair of comely young women demonstrating mixed martial arts fighting techniques.

The MMA Girls home on Spike.com can be found here. Spike.com joins ESPN.com in launching MMA new media projects this season.

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