Monte Cox: I Want To Be Strikeforce

May 20, 2008

Monte Cox recently sat down with Bob Carson and discussed at length Adrenaline MMA and his business plan for the promotion. His main goals were crystallized in this quote:

I want to be Strikeforce. That is a show I can aspire to be. I’d like to be able to have one big fight like a Cung Le and Shamrock and a solid undercard. I want a little bit from TV and a good gate to make it.

Monte is nothing if not a good business man and he sees the folly in a direct challenge of the UFC’s supremacy. While the UFC is facing opposition on a national level from the likes of EliteXC, there are opportunities at the super-regional level for other promotions to become profitable niche players. Strikeforce in Northern California, Matt Lindland’s Sportfight promotion in the Northwest, and Monte Cox’s Adrenaline with his Midwest (Chicago and Quad-Cities)connections are prime examples as well as the IFL increasingly becoming an East Coast, and Northeastern in particular, promotion.

The interview also gave some insight into the salary structure of Adrenaline MMA and, indirectly, Affliction. Monte spoke at length about Ben Rothwell’s contracts with the IFL, Adrenaline and Affliction. Rothwell received $30,000 for his last few fights in the IFL. Monte then signed him to an Adrenaline contract at $200,000 per fight. Affliction acquired Ben’s services and, though he didn’t give a figure, he stated Ben was doing even better with Affliction, (presumably in the $250,000 to $300,000 range.)

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