Marketing as Matchmaker

May 20, 2008 recently interviewed HDNet Fights announcer and fighter Frank Trigg. In one interesting passage Trigg discussed how his eye towards marketing affects what fights we see and don’t see: told MMAJunkie that doing that tournament wouldn’t benefit your brand. What exactly did you mean by that?

Frank Trigg: That’s really what all of us are trying to do……..all of us are trying to brand ourselves to a big enough name that we can make money outside of the fight world, and I have to make choices on what’s going to help me accomplish that. Doing commentating for TNA Wrestling helps me as a brand — it pushes me forward, it gets me in front of a different demographic and increases the size of my network. And when you’re with an organization that’s not going to do that for you, whatever level you’re at, it doesn’t help.

DREAM was waiting and screwing around, and I was trying to figure out whether or not the tournament was going to be shown in America on HDNet. They finally agreed to a deal like three days before the event, and I thought “that’s just stupid, they should have had this stuff done a long time ago.” The way that they’re running the organization, it just wasn’t going to be any good for me in trying to get my brand out there.

Frank is in a bit of a double whammy situation in that he is a veteran fighter who must be judicious in what fights he accepts and also a fighter outside the Zuffa universe who must work that much harder to get his brand -Frank Trigg- to break through the dissonance. Participating in a Dream GP that isn’t available Stateside may be good from a pure sporting point of view, but Trigg is very forward-thinking in seeing the business side effects of that decision.

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