Integrated Live Coverage of EliteXC & the Importance of Network Support

May 29, 2008

EliteXC’s debut on CBS won’t be confined to network television broadcast. will stream the undercard of EliteXC Primetime free of charge this Saturday Night from 7-9PM EST. The undercard will also be available on CBS Sports Mobile. The main card will air live on CBS at 9PM EST.

Integrated live coverage across all three platforms is a subtle, but important demonstration of CBS’s commitment to EliteXC. One of, if not the, most important factors in EliteXC’s ultimate success or failure on network television will be level of support it receives from CBS. A significant investment from a supportive media partner is a prerequisite to success in the sports and television industries.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the UFC might not even exist today, let alone be as wildly successful as it is, without Spike’s support. Spike has invested significant resources into the UFC in the form of sales and marketing, particularly in the form of promotional time and money devoted to establishing the brand. Furthermore, it is advertising cross buys on Spike that made the UFC’s Bud Light and Edge sponsorships possible according to industry sources.

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