Dana on Revenue Sharing

May 30, 2008

Last week in the run-up to UFC 84, Dana White was asked specifically about Tito Ortiz’s statement that fighter’s should receive 30-40% of gross revenues in an interview with Sergio Non of USAToday.com. His response:

We changed the entire fight business because it needed to be changed.

Look where boxing is now. Look where it is now: the sport is completely f***** up and ruined. You had Don King and Bob Arum who would put on these fights, you’d put on one fight. You’d make a main event fight and build a s***** card underneath it.

We do the complete opposite. We build an entire card. Our stuff is getting so stacked that great fighters end up on prelims now.

The other thing is, inside this brand, there’s an infrastructure. We never stop. I have a hundred employees that work for me.

I’ll use Tito Ortiz as an example. This kid hasn’t fought in a year because he was out doing reality shows and all the other b******* because this guy doesn’t want to be a fighter anyway. He fought a year ago, but we never stop promoting the fighter after he fights. The whole promotion keeps going on.

And we run a business. This is a business. This isn’t boxing. If that’s the way Tito thinks, then f****** go fight for Bob Arum, Tito.

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