CBS Exec: EliteXC Reaching New Advertisers

May 31, 2008

While the MMA and television communities await tonight’s EliteXC card and the ensuing release of ratings to judge the event a success or not, using some other metrics the event can be deemed to be a minor success already. One such area is in bringing new advertisers to the table for it’s corporate partner, CBS. Kelly Kahl, Executive Vice President of Program Planning & Scheduling for CBS, elaborated on this to AP:

“We’ve reached some advertisers we don’t typically speak to,” Kahl said, noting that ads for beer, fast food and video games would air during Saturday’s bouts. “Those are the kind of things that don’t really show up on CBS on Saturday night.”

EliteXC’s ability to bring a younger demographic and the advertisers that cater to them to Saturday nights bodes well for them if they don’t hit a home run right out of the box ratings-wise. With Saturday night being a virtual Dead Zone when it comes to Network television, bringing in strong 18-34 and 18-49 male demographics may be enough to ensure the continuation of EliteXC cards on CBS.

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